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Design: Bringing ideas to life and ensuring their consistency

Expertise Brand Identity / UI Design / Content Writing / 360 Communication Campaigns

No silos but a search for consistency: the entire team (consultants, UX, techs) partakes in the creation thought process to give meaning to your needs and help maintain a lasting relationship with your targets.

We have a wonderful job, the aim of which is to create. And who says creation also says source of inspiration: that’s all you, what you are, what you do, what you have to say, to your clients, to your collaborators, to your peers…

Creation is a vast playground that integrates many different and complementary professions. Fove leads a team of passionate and seasoned creative individuals expressing themselves with words, images, videos, sound… everything that is necessary to bring ideas to life!

How can creation help you?

Broadcast a strong and consistent brand image, homogenize your stances on all media and allow you to build effective communication for your company, your offers, and your approaches, both internally and externally….


  • BRAND PLATFORM // define who we are and what we want to communicate
  • CREATING A BRAND IDENTITY // to be able to communicate, one must exist
  • IDENTITY OVERHAUL // be consistent with the image one portrays, which evolves over time, opportunities, or requirements

The agency will assist you from reflection on your positioning and brand territory, to the design and realization of your logo, associated graphic universe and tone.

Fove pros:

Internalize all stages to ensure smoothness and customer knowledge from identity design to the realization of all media materials.


  • PRODUCTION OF MEDIA MATERIALS // to present your structure or services, communicate on a new offer, support a change in process or approach, promote an initiative, train, provide incentives...
  • CREATION OF A DESIGN SYSTEM // to centralize information intended for the various teams (creative, UX, tech) in the form of a library of components to be used to design your sites, emails, and other interfaces…

An omni-channel reflection, coherent and intended for a single purpose: to ground itself in the reality of your users by being present where they are, in the most appropriate format, whether it be digital, video, print, audio, on your social networks,...

Implementation methodology

Whether hare or tortoise, the most important is to reach the finish line. We support you at your own pace, hand in hand, and can even take a few strides ahead to carve a path for you.

In all cases there are a few mandatory steps: to meet and listen to your needs, exchange, and suggest appropriate solutions that take proper account of the trifecta: you, your market, and the constraints that you will have voiced.

“With no brand platform or communication materials, FOVE was still able to identify our needs and expectations. Thanks to their expertise, their faculty for understanding and a highly responsive team, we were offered quality deliverables and materials.”

Melek M. Business Developer - ICI


of all information retained is visual*

* Source : Buffer