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UX DESIGN: Improve the user experience of your journeys

Expertise Customer Journey / Consumer Buying Journey / Audit / UX writing / Ergonomics

Here at Fove, we have chosen to create a UX and UI design department that supports all of the agency’s expertise as well as those of Sia Partners.

Would you like to take account of and meet user expectations? You have made the right choice. Yet grasping the vast subject that is UX approach is no easy feat, which is why choosing the right partner is of utmost importance.

The UX designer profession isn’t isolated in a far-off ivory tower. It complements the agency’s other expertise to improve the experience of what is designed and produced.

Why is the design of the experience important?

The user experience is a whole, is everywhere, covers all.
Far from being restricted to browsing your website or mobile application (user interface), it involves taking into account what the user is experiencing in order to incorporate his/her experience into the design in all of the points of contact between him/her and your business.

How does a UX approach actually provide solutions?

Where communication and marketing bring value before, during and after the purchase around the brand and the product, using UX will enable complementarity by improving the overall customer experience.

For instance, by offering customers buying a kid’s bike to rent protective equipment, which will be exchangeable throughout their child’s growth.

  • The parent will not have to repeatedly buy equipment at an age when children grow up fast.
  • The brand positions itself as a solution provider, improves opportunities to keep in touch with its client and sets out to part of a sustainable development approach.

Another example: overhaul a business application for freight transport optimization at staggered planning hours.

  • We have immersed our UX (via shadowing) to better understand the needs and expectations of users in-house.
  • In parallel, the Datascience Sia partners center added value to data by implementing new IA tools
  • This co-construction allows the customer to identify new business opportunities, speed up decision-making, not to mention benefit from a functional data visualization of the data collected via a control and projection interface.

Fove pros:

Use data analytics to enrich vision, identify the best paths, save time and efficiency!

How can UX help you?

As regards your digital marketing issues, it will make it possible for you to:

  • Convert leads, acquire new customers (SXO, CRO)
  • Improve customer experience (CX) and consumer buying journeys (E-commerce) via design for one, but also content (UX writing)
  • Gamify the relationship

As regards your business and data / IA issues, we provide you with insight on how to improve the user interface via:

  • Audit and analysis of business tools
  • Improvement of the ergonomics of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Data Visualization (dataviz)
  • POC interfacing

Naturally, we take into account accessibility criteria for you and your customers (RGAA, W3C).

What methodology do we use?

We like to collaborate with our customers, test before deploying, fine-tune our reflections, challenge ourselves... so our approach is naturally based on Design Thinking.

“FOVE has always been available when needed, [...]. The exchanges were fluent, constructive and the deliverables were of high quality. In short, very good collaboration and experience.”

Sébastien H. Product Manager - ENEDIS


Gain in development time and costs with a UX approach



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