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Web dev: Develop customized functional interfaces

Expertise Website / AB Testing / Hosting / Maintenance / Training

Your digital tools are your showcase: they must match your brand identity and meet the communication, business, or awareness goals you set for yourself.

Your business is growing, and your needs are changing. How can you be sure that your site is performing well or that it is telling your story?

Our agency has been specialized in the design and production of websites for over 20 years… at the time, UX and responsive design did not yet have their own name, but we still considered the user experience in designing the interfaces we provided to our customers..

Since then, our teams and know-how may have grown, but the passion that drives us has remained intact: to guide you and shed light on your needs, to analyze, understand and deliver solutions, to develop your projects.

Why should you redesign your website?

To offer a responsive design or mobile-first website for a better user experience, to be able to administer your site, carry out content management, develop conversion or retention, to transfer to e-commerce, improve your referencing, be able to track or simply ensure your site matches your company’s graphic identity… there are ample reasons for this!

Where to begin?

You have already taken the most important step: looking for support from a web agency :-)
From there, everything depends on the maturity of your project: do you have a clear picture of your expectations, your goals, of your constraints and deadlines? If so, it may be time to draft your expression of need.
Or do you instead need advice on which projects to launch, what priority they should be given, have them studied or validate their feasibility? Contact us for an initial exchange!

Fove pros:

We favor open-source solutions, depending on your projects: Frameworks, CMS, Front Libraries: React, jQuery, etc.

Skills at your service

Flexible mediums, at times complex but always scalable, web interfaces require reliable support throughout all the key stages of your project.
Whether it is for a “small” French site or a global multi-site design, we remain committed to a co-construction perspective by aligning your business needs with adapted or custom-created features, in compliance with regulatory standards for cybersecurity, accessibility and GDPR compliance.

  • AUDIT AND RECOMMENDATIONS // to provide expert insight into your existing, possible improvements, to develop or restructure your digital strategy in line with your overall strategy and regulatory constraints,...
  • DESIGN // design usage cases and journeys, set up SEO audit and support, structure content, carry out a benchmark, draft functional specifications, build a backlog,...
  • PRODUCTION // develop your showcase or e-commerce site, your intranet or a “website factory” if you have subsidiaries, boost your data in the form of bots, incorporate us into your connection ecosystems (SSO / MFA / AD), offer and manage hosting, conduct user surveys, performance audits,...
  • MAINTENANCE // TAM (Third-party Application Maintenance), TEM (Third-party Evolutionary Maintenance), TCM (Third-party Corrective Maintenance) to maintain the site, implement changes, etc.
  • TRAINING // create and conduct training dedicated to site ownership in class or remotely, depending on roless

Implementation methodology

We adapt to your practices and environment, whether it is agile, agile-inspired, or V-cycle, whether you want continuous development or have a specific end-date: (almost) everything is possible!

“We have been working with FOVE for 2 years and the collaboration is going very well. [...] Thanks to our weekly meetings, we make concrete progress on our subjects while receiving the expertise of our project manager.”

Josiane L. Communication Officer – Storengy Global

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  • Open Source
  • Drupal
  • Node JS
  • React
  • Zend Framework
  • Symfony
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • PostegreSQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Gitlab
  • Docker
  • Elasticsearch