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When it all began...

In December of 2015, ADERMA made a major strategic shift! After 10 years of exclusive communication to prescribers, the brand set a new course: addressing end-users. The Marketing Department then launched a contest between agencies to identify the partner that would support them in the design and implementation of a digital strategy capable of boosting the brand’s reputation and its flagship lines. Enter FOVE!

How did Fove support ADERMA in the implementation of its digital strategy?

Around the freshly made available institutional site, we deployed a global digital ecosystem.

  • an interpersonal site where educational content to inform, understand one’s skin and better choose one’s products; exciting games to win products, encourage testing and recommendation; fun modules to create a brand experience and engage consumers all mingle,
  • almost daily activity on Facebook to prolong the experience and convey advice, product information, games, and anecdotes about the brand.