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Boehringer Ingelheim

Expertise Strategy / Design

Interaction makes its way to Boehringer Ingelheim

New editorial positioning

Design System

Semantic charter

Marketing Relationship Plan

Management of the relationship program

When it all began...

A dive into the medical world and its therapeutic areas initiated during the overhaul of the brand's editorial and semantic approach with its target audiences, i.e., physicians. From a brand-centric approach, Boehringer Ingelheim turns its relationship marketing around and shifts towards a user-centric approach. The concept of interaction then lays the ground for the brand's statements in France.

How did FOVE support Boehringer Ingelheim in its entire relationship marketing?

Understanding physicians by interviewing them, social listening and analyzing topics of interest to find content around which to initiate an exchange: this marked the first step of our assistance. The next step consisted in defining and building the brand’s message by establishing a semantic and graphic identity.
This resulted in the creation of an editorial charter and design system, providing a framework for the various statements of the Marketing Relationship Plan.

The relationship is deepening as we are also supporting Boehringer Ingelheim with the preparation of its 2021 MRP integrating new targets, while pursuing ad hoc consulting missions and sustained production of some 16 newsletters sent per month.