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Creating a campaign identity

Print and digital media design (mobile-first)


When it all began...

Clarins is a committed brand that relies on nature as a basis for reflection in the production of its products. 2019 is the year that saw the birth of our relationship, following an invitation to tender on one of the brand’s iconic products. The goal? To breathe new life into the legendary Double Serum by giving fresh impetus to digital and CRM communications. All whilst remaining faithful to the brand’s DNA. A topic that brightened up our days!

How did Fove help Clarins reenergize its communications?

Fove designed a memorable visual and interactive approach whilst respecting the brand’s strong markers. We opted for a "mobile-first" design in order to perfectly adapt to its clients’ uses. To finish, another firm stance was taken to increase the value of these customer verbatim accounts, engage in their words to give more reasons to believe, to increase confidence and thus promote the act of purchase.