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CMA France

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Carry local initiatives via national communication

Recommendation on communication devices

Creating a campaign identity

Range of related media (print and web)

When it all began...

Carrying out the actions and commitment of local Chambers via “umbrella” communications, such is the objective of the various campaigns that are to be carried out throughout the year. COVID-related news and the needs of craftsmen throughout this period have made it possible to reaffirm CMA France’s position as a network of experts that accompanies and supports artisanal businesses.

How did FOVE support CMA France in the creation of campaigns?

The agency capitalized on its knowledge of the craftsmen traders’ market to design relational, meaningful statements, valuing each trade, and putting the priorities of said craftsmen at the very heart of the matter.

The last campaign produced consisted in providing the keys to 6 identified issues to best support craftsmen in the resumption of their activities post-Covid.

An approach carried by social networks, on the CMA France site and locally in the CMA premises boasting display units (posters, Kakemonos, leaflets, and practical information sheets).