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Liberalization of long-distance buses

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Digital ecosystem partnership (PSG, Deezer, FFHB...)

When it all began...

For a long time, domestic bus transport services over regular long distances were prohibited in France. As a result of the so-called Macron Act, it became possible to launch new bus lines with a simple goal: To allow as many people as possible to travel frequently, more easily, and more economically. TRANSDEV then positioned itself on this market and launched the ISILINES bus company. FOVE was chosen to accompany them in this new and rare adventure. On the road again!

How did FOVE accompany Isilines in the management of their loyalty ecosystem?

New market means new consumer behavior to trigger. The statement has to intelligible in order to promote transformation quickly and effectively.

The ecosystem that we suggested and deployed is mostly digital and mainly refers to the site. In order to create awareness and commitment among its target community (18-25 years), web games and statements on Facebook are deployed on a monthly basis. In point-of-sale locations, advertising displays and flyers inform the customer about destinations and on-board services. A national display campaign in 4x3 bolsters the scheme. All with a sharp, playful, and vivid tone!