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Club Total re-invents itself

Launch strategy

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Customer journey design

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When it all began...

After 25 years with no major changes, Club Total wanted to reinvent itself to adapt to consumer expectations. The challenge for Fove was to restore its attractiveness in order to improve customer loyalty on behalf of its various members. Fate did not just drop them on our doorstep ;)

How did Fove support TOTAL in the design and launch of the new Club?

FOVE supported TOTAL in the strategic overhaul of its Club by bringing a customer vision. DATA and customer knowledge were at the heart of this strategic thinking, with the consumer’s visitation behavior to determine the number of benefits and pace of solicitations.

The program devised by FOVE offers personalized benefits to each customer according to their behavior with a fundamental objective, to boost brand loyalty and increase the share of UP SELL.

FOVE designed the program, created, and developed all customer journeys and deployed the program with Total and its technical partners.