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When it all began...

The adventure started in early 2020 with one of the 3 largest global television networks, some time before the release of their new video platform tv5mondeplus, new "spearhead" of the audiovisual group. The stakes in terms of user experience for a Media Group with 17 sites and applications are paramount. Fove was selected to accompany the experience of the media offered by the Group - i.e., 17 sites and applications - over the 2020-2022 period.

How is FOVE helping TV5 Monde optimize its customer experience?

For this partnership, which includes such a variety of programs, relational issues, and experience propositions, Fove's approach has been to build, in collaboration with TV5 Monde, a catalog of possible support measures in which we mobilize appropriate responses tailored to each of the issues we address.

Key elements of this catalog include the creation of insight tools (benchmark, customer analysis, buyer persona), brand identity tools (charts and design system), the conduct of qualitative and quantitative user studies, the facilitation of ideation and co-design workshops, the creation and management of backlogs, maps experience, prototypes, but also of content writing or recommendations on the SEO strategy (SEO, SXO).