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Our road with Volkswagen

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When it all began...

An adventure of over 10 years with the world's leading car manufacturer. A collaboration that began with a scope limited to lead management and the brand loyalty program in France… and that has since expanded to managing all of the manufacturer’s PRM and CRM programs...and that is just the visible part.

How, in an extremely competitive environment, to create more customer engagement and prospects with the brand?

FOVE’s approach was to capitalize on data centralization to better support web users in their digital journey: From the customer journey on to the Volkswagen & Me relationship program.

The stakes? To not lose the visitor's track in order to connect with them throughout their life cycle.

This calls for an optimized customer journey, behavioral tracking linked to a CRM DMP, lead management and campaign optimization through performance measurement.

We also managed the relational platforms dedicated to companies (site, campaigns and leads), carried out digital, tactical or brand campaigns and accompanied the distribution network via the management of local campaigns and the provision of a platform for managing distributor sites.